Financial support of upto £10,280 available to students starting in 17/18 for postgraduate studies

Students who have commenced their studies this September 2017 can apply to the students loan company for a loan of upto £10,280 to pay for their postgraduate Master’s degree.

The loan amount is paid to the student and it is entirely left upto the student if they choose to pay for the tuition fees with the said amount or utilise the same towards the living costs.

About the loan

  1. Available to all UK nationals (and those with settled status in the UK) & to EU citizens as well.
  2. Applicants need to be aged under 60 on the first day of the academic year of the course.
  3. Available to full-time as well as part-time post graduate Master’s programmes (Minimum 50% intensity requirement for part-time courses).
  4. Paid directly to the student & student can utilise the amount towards tuition fees or living costs, no questions asked.

Applications for 17/18 are open already, so hurry before it is too late!

You will not be eligible to apply for the loan if …

  1. You began your Master’s study prior to the 2016/17 academic year.
  2. You are eligible to apply for a healthcare bursary, or are in receipt of a social work bursary from NHS, DHSSPS or SAAS.
  3. You already hold a Master’s qualification or an equivalent of a higher education qualification.

For more information please log on to the government website.

We wish you the best!



Worried it’s too late to get into University this September? Worry not! We still can get you into some of the best Universities located worldwide.

It’s always good to start early; but we do understand we are driven by the varying circumstances around us. The good news is we can work through this together as a team.


You first need to get your documents together and send them to us, so that we can scrutinise them for you, based on which we shortlist the best Universities suiting your profile and educational needs.

Here’s a list of documents you need to put together to prepare your University application:

  • Academic transcripts depicting your previous scores
  • Passport having validity of at least 6 months from the start date of your course.
  • A letter of recommendation from your lecturer/ teacher or employer (in some cases from both).
  • IELTS/ TOEFL score to test your English proficiency. This again depends on your scores from your previous education, the university requirements etc.

Once we receive these documents from you, we then begin preparing your application to different universities and in most cases we secure your conditional offer for you in two weeks time. You can then start your visa application process, but off course we help you with that too!

So get cracking and do get in touch for any further queries on !





Although University of Cumbria was formed in 2007 by the merger of St. Martin’s College, Cumbria Institute of the Arts and University of central Lancashire’s Cumbria sites, operating from campuses spread across Cumbria and North Lancashire; their history dates back to 1882. Since the very inception of the University, it has continued to grow geographically as well as academically.

The University of Cumbria is a home to over 10,000 students and is a multi-campus university. Founded on experience and tradition of over 150 years of higher education, UoC not only prepares students for work but for life. UoC helps students realise their dreams by offering high quality research- informed academic studies, professionally focused programmes and technical skills.

What makes studying at University of Cumbria special?

  • The main campuses in the historic cities of Lancaster and Carlisle both enjoy a city centre location. The beautiful castles, museums, boutique shops, restaurants and coffee shops are just a walk away from the campus. They also have campuses in London, Workington, Ambleside and Burrow-in-Furness.
  • The University has a strong team of experienced lecturers, who share their knowledge and help you develop skills for the future.
  • The class size is often small, to encourage personal attention to each student.
  • The study environment at UoC is developed to encourage critical thinking skills and the confidence to express your views and challenge the opinions of others.
  • Excellent student support services are provided to the students at the UoC, with a dedicated team of experts that will work with you throughout your time at the University.
  • Day-trips and social activities will be organised for you on campus that will help you explore the wonderful countryside of the UK and make new friends and integrate into the community.
  • Great sports facilities are available on campus.
  • UoC also has great clubs and societies that include football, music appreciation and photography. You can also be a part of the vibrant students union.

Is University of Cumbria right for you?

If you are passionate about pursuing a career in Business, Law and Nursing; University of Cumbria is the place for you to be at !

THE UNITED KINGDOM OR THE UNITED STATES : Let’s help you make a choice

Some of the best universities in the world are situated in the US and the UK and sometimes making a choice can be a daunting task. While making this decision you need to take three main factors into consideration : what you want to study? what kind of college or university experience are you looking for? and what is your budget?

We would further highlight some of the major differences in structure and system in the US and the UK.

Course duration: 

One of the important point of comparison between the US and the UK is the time duration of the courses.

In the US, normally an undergraduate programme extends over a four year period; whereas a post graduate programme extends over a two year period.

On the other hand in the UK a undergraduate course would extend over a three year period; whereas a post graduate would extend over a one year period. This is prevalent in all parts of the UK except Scotland which follows the US education structure.


There is a huge difference between the teaching and grading process in the US and the UK. Hence based on your needs & ease you need to suit yourself.

Quizzes, homework, tests, projects, finals etc. are different modes of assessment in the US. Your final grade depends on how well you fair in all these in addition to your attendance and group participation.

In the UK, classes are lecture based at the end of which you have projects and presentations which hold maximum weightage in addition to one or two tests, depending on the course your pursuing.


Studying abroad comes with a price and a promise of return on investment made.

In the US, the cost of an undergraduate programme ranges between $22,000 – $30,000 approximately or more depending on whether the institution is public, private or non-profit making. Also, in the US there are scholarships and funds available to students studying there.

In the UK, the government sets the limit for tuition and the universities can set fees upto that limit. There been a hike in tuition fees recently. The cost of an undergraduate programme can range upto 9000 GBP for Home / EU students and twice as much for international students. Again, this cost differs from university to university and region to region in the UK.

We have highlighted three major points of consideration while choosing your study abroad destination between the US and the UK.

For more details do get in touch with us!


Choosing the right University from a wide range available world-wide can be a daunting task. We’ve put together four tips to ease the process, while walking with you at every step of the way.

  1. Choose the best country to suit your study abroad needs:

    Shortlist your requirements based on priority. Do you want to get into a University that is based in a city where you can build connections and secure a future and / or your priority is getting into an English speaking country? A combination of these two factors can be narrowed down to the UK, the US, Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. If you are still puzzled, our counselor’s will help you make the right choice after understanding your requirements.

  2. Now decide on a University that suits you well:

    In the next step we help you shortlist universities that offer the course that you are interested in. We always advise our students to have 2-3 options as a precautionary measure. You can also browse through our website to get the list of some of the finest universities spread across the globe.

3. Read and understand the entry criteria:

Every University has its own unique entry criteria that needs to be met depending upon the level of education, country your applying to etc. Most Universities/ Colleges would require transcripts from previous schools (translated) and academic / professional references. Many Universities would also require you to produce bank statements to prove  you can pay for the course if you are not being sponsored. The requirements are mostly stated on the University website and if you go through us, we walk you through the entire process step by step. If you hail from a non- English speaking country, you are required to produce yor English language test, to make sure you are ready to study abroad  eliminating communication barriers.

4. Submission:

You then need to submit the documents to us and we scrutinise them for you before putting your application in to avoid any delays. We also fill the online application form for you as per the University norms. We then keep you posted on the progress of your application and contact you if any additional information is requested by the University admission team.

We break down this entire process for you and work with you to get you in the University/ College of your dreams.

Your future starts here. Get in touch with us and make a wise call!

Call us today to book your free consultation on +91 7262020210 (India) or +44 2085185190 ext 136 (UK).