Choosing the right University from a wide range available world-wide can be a daunting task. We’ve put together four tips to ease the process, while walking with you at every step of the way.

  1. Choose the best country to suit your study abroad needs:

    Shortlist your requirements based on priority. Do you want to get into a University that is based in a city where you can build connections and secure a future and / or your priority is getting into an English speaking country? A combination of these two factors can be narrowed down to the UK, the US, Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. If you are still puzzled, our counselor’s will help you make the right choice after understanding your requirements.

  2. Now decide on a University that suits you well:

    In the next step we help you shortlist universities that offer the course that you are interested in. We always advise our students to have 2-3 options as a precautionary measure. You can also browse through our website to get the list of some of the finest universities spread across the globe.

3. Read and understand the entry criteria:

Every University has its own unique entry criteria that needs to be met depending upon the level of education, country your applying to etc. Most Universities/ Colleges would require transcripts from previous schools (translated) and academic / professional references. Many Universities would also require you to produce bank statements to proveĀ  you can pay for the course if you are not being sponsored. The requirements are mostly stated on the University website and if you go through us, we walk you through the entire process step by step. If you hail from a non- English speaking country, you are required to produce yor English language test, to make sure you are ready to study abroadĀ  eliminating communication barriers.

4. Submission:

You then need to submit the documents to us and we scrutinise them for you before putting your application in to avoid any delays. We also fill the online application form for you as per the University norms. We then keep you posted on the progress of your application and contact you if any additional information is requested by the University admission team.

We break down this entire process for you and work with you to get you in the University/ College of your dreams.

Your future starts here. Get in touch with us and make a wise call!

Call us today to book your free consultation on +91 7262020210 (India) or +44 2085185190 ext 136 (UK).

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