THE UNITED KINGDOM OR THE UNITED STATES : Let’s help you make a choice

Some of the best universities in the world are situated in the US and the UK and sometimes making a choice can be a daunting task. While making this decision you need to take three main factors into consideration : what you want to study? what kind of college or university experience are you looking for? and what is your budget?

We would further highlight some of the major differences in structure and system in the US and the UK.

Course duration: 

One of the important point of comparison between the US and the UK is the time duration of the courses.

In the US, normally an undergraduate programme extends over a four year period; whereas a post graduate programme extends over a two year period.

On the other hand in the UK a undergraduate course would extend over a three year period; whereas a post graduate would extend over a one year period. This is prevalent in all parts of the UK except Scotland which follows the US education structure.


There is a huge difference between the teaching and grading process in the US and the UK. Hence based on your needs & ease you need to suit yourself.

Quizzes, homework, tests, projects, finals etc. are different modes of assessment in the US. Your final grade depends on how well you fair in all these in addition to your attendance and group participation.

In the UK, classes are lecture based at the end of which you have projects and presentations which hold maximum weightage in addition to one or two tests, depending on the course your pursuing.


Studying abroad comes with a price and a promise of return on investment made.

In the US, the cost of an undergraduate programme ranges between $22,000 – $30,000 approximately or more depending on whether the institution is public, private or non-profit making. Also, in the US there are scholarships and funds available to students studying there.

In the UK, the government sets the limit for tuition and the universities can set fees upto that limit. There been a hike in tuition fees recently. The cost of an undergraduate programme can range upto 9000 GBP for Home / EU students and twice as much for international students. Again, this cost differs from university to university and region to region in the UK.

We have highlighted three major points of consideration while choosing your study abroad destination between the US and the UK.

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